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Online communication

  • Social media
  • Facebook communication
  • E-DM letters
  • PPC campaigns
  • Banner campaigns
  • Lead generation

Newsletters and individual EDM are an efficient part of online marketing. Using complex databases, the target group can be easily reached in a cost-effective way, and the results can be measured accurately. We can design newsletter templates or individual EDM adapted to the identity of the given company, product or campaign, and we ensure uniform display on a variety of browsers. After completion and testing, we distribute the newsletter through our own newsletter distribution system.

With PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements, the advertiser doesn’t pay for publication, but rather for the clicks aimed at their website. This enables cost planning so results and conversion can be measured accurately. The sophisticated advertising systems of AdWords and Facebook enable very precise targeting. This is a form of advertisement that is efficient in itself, but can also be a great supplement to integrated campaigns.

Lead generation is a complex activity. Success is ensured by the appropriate combination and harmony of several types of elements. We combine the various advertising and marketing activities so they complement each other to attract the highest possible number of interested customers and buyers! Cost efficient customer acquisition - Measurable results. This is lead generation!

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Campaign management

Successful communication is only guaranteed by a well-thought-out strategic plan. In design phase We fix goals, inspect the position in market, competition and define the basic principles of communication.

  • Strategic planning
  • Creative concept
  • Media
  • PR

Campaigns are usually costly, so it is a reasonable expectation that this sum should not be wasted, but should help us attain our objectives. Only a well thought-out strategic plan can guarantee successful communication. While planning, we set objectives, assess your position on the market, your competitors, and define the fundamental principles of communication. We then use these principles to define the elements of the campaign, put together the media mix and then ensure interfaces with media purchase.  We are familiar with the latest communication interfaces; we help you to choose the one that is the most appropriate in terms of placement and type. Relying on our network, we can provide a wide variety of online, print, television, radio and outdoor solutions at the most favourable terms. We believe in integrated communication and propose the most efficient campaign solutions in each case.

The creative concept carries the message, providing the foundation for the success of the campaign, for uniform and efficient communication. This idea delivers the message to the specified target group, capturing their interest. This is almost the most significant component of the campaign. In the planning of the strategically thought-out concept, we take into account the media, developing multiple versions that we present by preparing layouts.

We provide full service in the field of media planning and purchase as well. Whether you need an outdoor, print, TV, radio or online campaign, you can rely on our network to find the most complimentary platform and the most favourable offer for you. We plan the media platform to match the strategy, making efforts to reach the target group as extensively as possible. A well-designed media plan can significantly increase the efficiency of the campaign in addition to achieving a cost reduction. When planning the campaign, we seek ways to ensure the opportunity of going from one type of media to another.

PR activity supplements the conventional marketing solutions superbly. PR means the care of the communication, and therefore the reputation of the organization, the maintenance and growth of its recognition. The purpose of communication is to establish and maintain a good communication connection long term, an atmosphere of trust between your company, your product and your environment. Following the steps of strategic planning, we can support your external or internal communication with this type of idea, arriving at a comprehensive plan that will let your company or organization attain even higher recognition and more committed trust from your employees or customers.  PR knows no boundaries – during planning we make use of print and online media, social media, outdoor areas, all adapted to your needs, and we will even apply the techniques of viral marketing.

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Web development

  • Web development
  • Foreign adaptations
  • Web designs
  • Development of mobile applications

After designing the layout, the next step in the preparation of the website is design and development. We always offer web solutions based on the needs of the customer. Our static solutions can be used to display permanent content, but for constantly updated content we need a dynamic solution. In this case the client can manage the content through an administrative interface.  If required, we can offer our own ARMADILLO CMS systems or engines with open source code. Whether you need a basic level web site, a complex portal, a microsite or a landing page, all web sites we develop are created in consideration of the aspects of search engine optimisation. We work in close cooperation with the customer, keeping the entire process under control.

In the case of multinational companies there is usually no need for the development of a new website, just the localization of the central website in terms of language. In this complex work, we adapt the corporate or micro-site in cooperation with foreign agencies, translation agencies and the Hungarian representation as far as the need to handle special characters.

The basis of online presence is a web site that has been designed beautifully and built with special care. With all the information overload users are exposed to nowadays, users will judge the page just after a few seconds; if they cannot find what they seek, they will leave very quickly. When designing the layout, we focus on visual appearance, the feeling and functionality. It is important to emphasize that all web layouts we design are responsive; they display properly on every mobile device. In ergonomic design, we define how the visual hierarchy will be presented clearly. In addition to the design of new websites, we also accept orders for the transformation and redesign of existing ones.

We live in the age of smartphones, in which mobile devices are fully functional computers and have become an essential part of communication. Several new opportunities for location-independent communication present themselves; in many cases it is a good idea to develop a mobile application. We manage the process starting from the needs assessment and design, through development for Android, iOS and Windows 10 platforms through uploading to different App stores (Google Play, AppStore, Windows Market) all the way to the optimization of the application for search engines.

Taking advantage of this relatively new technology allows us to extend the opportunities of conventional marketing solutions. It is no exaggeration to claim that this is the marketing of the future; it offers several spectacular opportunities that are guaranteed to capture attention. In addition to strengthening the brand, their added value is also high (PR, marketing, social media), and their penetration is increasing very quickly. In Augmented and Virtual reality solutions we can assign digital content to conventional offline materials!

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Visual identity design

  • Brand building
  • Logo design
  • Preparation of small and large visual identity
  • Codification of the visual identity manual

The high quality of the product or service doesn’t in itself guarantee that the consumers will be aware of that. The customer will make a selection primarily based on their intuitions, moods and emotions. The purpose of brand building is to influence the subconscious of the potential customer: we assign emotions and thoughts to the given product or service, thereby capturing their interest.

We can strengthen the brand by consistent compliance with the visual identity rules and enhance it by regular campaigns.

A logo is a graphic motif serving as the visual symbol of the company going beyond the meaning of a logo. It offers information, conveys quality and represents the values of the company. A logo and a visual identity designed by expert hands are characterized by a conceptual perspective and capability of being used in several areas of application. We adapt the draft logo designs to the product or service, taking into account the philosophy and values of the company. The first step in the development of a visual identity is the design of the logo.

Efficient communication and uniform appearance can only be accomplished by a consciously designed visual identity. We adapt the visual identity to the logo, the target group and the identity of the company. All of that will be presented on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, the headers of email messages, websites and packaging, also in advertisements. A visual identity developed consistently along a concept radiates uniformity, trust, strength and professionalism, thereby increasing the value of the company.

After a logo and a visual identity have been developed, it is essential to use them consistently. In the visual identity manual we define the rules of appearance, applications andrestrictions. We detail the rules that determine the use and the context of the corporate name, logo and visual identity elements. This is how we can ensure uniform and consistent appearance, which contributes to the value of the company. In the visual identity manual offered by us, we qualify the visual rules of the company according to a pre-agreed structure, this being the only way to accomplish uniform and consistent appearance. The length and the level of elaboration of the visual identity manual are determined based on consultation with the customer.

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  • Creative design
  • Prepress works
  • Typography
  • Online graphics

Creative design is the most spectacular and certainly the most difficult part of work with graphics. In many cases we must design from scratch, while in other cases we must comply with visual identity requirements, and all this with a conceptual perspective that meets the specifications of the client. We use solutions that are sometimes artistic, sometimes modern, ambitious and clear, as required by the brand and the message, the client or the type of the media, and taking into account the production processes. In our work, creative design – whether a flyer, banner or a creative concept – is always very much in focus.

In the creation of a printed materials, the step that follows design is the preparation of prepress works. This comprehensive concept covers every process that contributes to making a specific and tangible product from an idea, to a creative material. In this process we prepare the material ready for the press, taking into consideration the characteristics of production. In addition to typesetting the texts, we carry out colour separation and corrections to the images, followed by the proofreading round and the preparation of the printing file. This complex process can go wrong in many points, so we perform it very carefully, checking and double-checking each and every detail.

Typography is a craft and an art form that deals with letters; it is the set of rules for the display of information. Its aim is to develop a form of writing that is aesthetic and functional by the application of various typesets and a system of rules. The concept comes from the world of print media, but in today's world of online media it receives less attention than it deserves. A publication with good typography creates aesthetic harmony; we must take into account its principles in creative design.

Uniform online presence is of outstanding importance, and that must be reflected by the graphic elements used. Each appearance must be compliant with the visual identity, the message intended to be conveyed, the identity must be clear and identifiable for the consumers. In addition to the appearance of the web site, the graphic appearance of the Facebook tabs and application, those of the home page and the landing pages, presentations and newsletters are also important.

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  • Press works
  • Decoration
  • Photography
  • Film

We strive to create a specific and high quality printed product, publication from the idea. To make this happen, you need professional and printing technology skills. Our agency maintains connections with several printing houses of different profiles, so we can propose digital, offset or rotation technology adapted to your needs. We choose the optimum method of production suitable for our purpose, and provide advice on the definition of the parameters (format, paper type, etc.) as well. Before production, we proofread the materials received, screen for any errors, and keep the entire process of production under control all the way through delivery. Thanks to our connections with various partners, we can offer all that at a competitive price.

Decoration also reflects the identity of the brand or the company, so it must match the visual identity. Thanks to our wide range of experience with graphics and production, we can not only design, but also produce and place decoration materials, including such items as printed wall stickers, glass foils, system of directional signs or plastic letter legends, or even illuminated boxes, totem poles or façade decorations.  Special attention must be paid to event decoration, while car decoration is one of the most efficient forms of brand-strengthening advertising.

The world around us primarily affects our visual senses. A well-composed photo or motion picture is worth much more than any kind of text; it attracts attention better and can differentiate from the competitors’ products within minutes. It is very important to include high quality photos and videos in communication materials, to lend them a professional appearance. It reflects negatively on any company if they simply use regular stock photos or low quality images in their marketing materials, so you need to avoid this mistake!

Research has demonstrated that humans are most susceptible to information provided by the joint application of image and sound. An image or advertising spot doesn’t only suggest a positive image; it also builds the brand and may result in increased revenue. Whether you need a TV spot, a web video or an image film presenting your company or products, we can prepare it at a competitive price and within a short deadline, including the full scope of digital post production works. Our work combines the needs of the customer with our creativity, the current trends and state-of-the-art technical solutions.

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