Social media communication


We handle the online communication of BÁV Auction house and the Spanish jewellery brand UNOde50. We also participate social media management and we handle contents, media and PPC campaigns as well.

BÁV Auction house

We prepared integrated campaigns for Appraiser Academy (Becsüs Akadémia) and Buy-in periods (Felvásárlási időszakok) announced by BÁV Auction house, and for promoting the current Auctions extensively. Besides profile, content management and PPC campaigns, we supported the building of the community with the launch of Facebook games.


For UNOde50, our goal was to introduce and establish a new brand. To achieve this, we used active communication in Facebook and Instagram, as well as collaboration with influencers. Our chosen influencer, Tücsi represented the brand, and her collaboration contributed to increasing the brand’s popularity. Tücsi shared numerous contents on her social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Instagram story), that reached 157.366 people with the UNOde50 brand.

Széchenyi 2020