Integrated campaign


We carried out a campaign for the clothing brand Budmil with a purpose to popularize their bag collection. Our client’s request was that the communication should address young people and we should trigger emotions with simple but enduring business.

Our bag is with us at the most important moments: when we go out, when we make the most significant decisions, but also when we travel or relax. Therefore, it is clearly defined that he bag is present during our experiences. This is why we chose “experience” for out campaigns buzzword and central element. The campaign ran under the name of "Experiences in your bag".

The central actors of the campaign were influencers. We asked 7 youtubers to produce creative contents focusing on experiences. We also strengthen the slogan in radio broadcasts and billboards.

We also developed a microsite to our own system that filled the function of a landing page during our campaign. It was important to know the exact needs of the target group, an unconventional form and ease of use. Influencers posted their bag-focused videos to this interface. Consumers were urged to interact with a prize game that significantly moved the target group.

In the monitored period, the evaluation of the bags remarkably exceeded the results measured in previous years. We successfully impended a complex campaign that addressed its target group in every possible forms.

Széchenyi 2020