Our partnership with the Italian Candy started in 2017, with smaller assignments. Our proactive attitude gained the trust of our partner soon, and thanks to this, our agency designed and implemented their yearly communication, advertisement campaigns and marketing activities in 2018.

Campaigns and events followed one another. We opened the year with the Kitchen Exhibition. We designed and implemented 80 square meters of Italian-style unique stands – our task was to provide full event marketing. We also produced numerous creative printed and promotional gifts as well for the event.

With the use of influencer marketing, we increased the communication of Candy in the Kitchen Exhibition: we brought Zsófi Szabó into the campaign, so the Candy feeling was forwarded to more than 100 000 people. The help of an influencer did not only strengthen the brand, but as a result of a live stream, we reached a conversion in 24 hours: we generated serious sales increase, definitely because of the influencer’s communication.

We also took the smartphone-operated washing machine Bianca to the streets. On the line of the 4-6 tram and in WestEnd shopping mall we created an intelligent city light advertisement that showed how we can start and communicate with the cutting-edge technology Bianca washing machine from the street or during shopping. With this, we strengthened buzzwords like “smart” and “intelligent” associated with the product.

The yearly communication activities were supported by Facebook and Instagram communication, Google Adwords and Facebook PCC advertisement management, the creation of a huge among of native contents, print and online advertisements, as well as the sponsorship of Viasat show Ide süss.

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