Integrated campaign


(In)sight is important in every situation! The German CARL ZEISS was looking for an advertisement solution for this message when sought out our advertising agency. We determined to strengthen the brand and to popularize the Carl Zeiss spectacle lenses as the purpose of the campaign. The central part of the campaign was the TV spots we completed with integrated solutions.

We were looking for an actual topic for the base concept. It was important to set the story in a life situation that is followed and talked about by many in the given time period. The campaign coincided with the elections; this gave us the idea to use the slogan
"Choices always come with responsibility!".
Our lenses sales campaign was broadcasted in the televisions during election week. The campaign was also supported by a strong social media presence.

After the elections we started the "Glasses for the judge!" campaign that emphasizes football and the funny but real situation happening in the stand. The Champion’s League took place that time and the Football World Cup was upon us. Football was in the spotlight, which – as we are aware – everyone is an expert of.

Besides designing the commercial, our tasks included media planning, making creatives, we also provided print, online and outdoor spaces. The assignment was especially exciting because of the trust of our client, who gave us free hand in writing the screenplay of the commercial, during the shooting and in the post-production.

Visitors from different channels were redirected to welcoming page made for the campaign. The success of the campaign was represented both in the sales numbers and in the increase of the brand’s popularity.

Széchenyi 2020