Online system development


We made a complex system supporting internal businesses to the Hungarian representation of one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene and health products.
The system developed to the easy-to-use and transparent system handles multiple functions. It helps the internal training of colleagues and tracks Essity products outsourced by partners, tracks and analyses the commerce of Essity products sold by pharmacies.

Essity CoreCheck

Main functions of the system

  • Flexible interfaces for administration and account formats
  • Categorizable partner database with automatic geolocation
  • Automatic data management
  • Product record
  • Commerce monitoring
  • Performing specific calculations based on the commerce
  • Automatically preparing a filterable statistic and account automatic
  • Excel format export
  • Monitoring marketing tools
  • A module to check and support marketing commitment of partners
  • Modules to survey and support the internal development of employees
  • Providing a software tool for surveys
  • Safety solutions on a dedicated server
  • Event-level system logs


The Co-Travel module helps to train and evaluate Essity sales employees in four different categories. The system preschedules the evaluations and stores the results, so the development of the employees can be easily tracked.


This module schedules and tracks the results of Hungarian partner pharmacies. Its main element is a categorized partner database completed with an automatic geolocation: it shows the pharmacies to be visited, helping the work of the sales employees. The results of the pharmacies and the visits can be instantly recorded on the mobile device as well.


Rabatt module prepares the commerce analysis of partner pharmacies every year and determines the rabatt results with a complex calculation as well. Afterwards it records the product-rabatt needs of pharmacies, instantly comparing to the distributor of the pharmacy.

Széchenyi 2020