Influencer communication


We drove Fiat and Alfa Romeo ambassadors

We made a long-cherished dream come true. One of the most popular youtubers and countlessly awarded influencer in Hungary, Fruzsi Viszkok drove a Fiat500, while Feri Rákóczi is speeding in an Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

We employed ambassadors in a close collaboration with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Central & Eastern Europe), with the purpose of increasing brand popularity and brand love. The country’s popular youtuber, Fruzsi Viszkok’s dream came true when she could sit in the newest Fiat500, while Feri Rákóczi drove an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Both became splendid ambassadors of the brand.

Ambassadors are closely connected to the most important campaigns, we involve them into the communication. Feri Rákóczi, the „Santa of Alfa” drove his fans on the streets of Budapest.

We aim to address the owners of the iconic model 500 of the Italian brand as well with cunning kindness. According to the concept, on certain points of the city a “Santa bag” similar to parking tickets was placed on the windscreen of many cars, that contained a small gift instead of a fine. Owners were relieved that instead of a fine there is a Fiat package under their windscreen wiper containing real girly things. Among the pranked car owners was Fruzsi Viszkok as well.

Széchenyi 2020