Integrated campaign


To the request of the well-known pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline did we create the “Hepatitis A” communication campaign. The central element of the creative concept was yellow A letter, almost 3 metres high, erected on different areas of the city. The spectacle spread virulently, it informed and shocked those who were interested all around the city. Besides the strategic tasks, design and implementation was also our assignment.

GSK Campaigns Against Hepatitis

The large, 3 metres high A letter appeared in public domains and busy areas. It was seen on Blaha Lujza Square, in Arany János Street, on Kálvin Square, in Akvárium on Erzsébet Square or in Arena Shopping Centre – as reported by the press. The concept achieved its goal, the big yellow A was talked about.

The creative concept was based on that WHO qualified Hungary as a moderately infected country with the Hepatitis A virus. The campaign slogan, "Don’t be yellow!" raised awareness to the importance of vaccination for as many people as possible.

Besides the “spreading” of the letter A, we planned issue communication, public domain and online appearances as well.

During the successful campaign we proved that a less exciting topic also can be presented interestingly and raise awareness. The pharmaceutical communication campaign won a prize in the competition of Patient Education Projects: we won 2.nd place of the Integrated Patient Education Campaign category with the Hepatitis A “Don’t be yellow” concept.

Széchenyi 2020