Compassador campaign


Jeep Compassador.
We reinvented influencer cooperations!

How can we make JEEP Compass popular in Hungary?

We aimed to search and present success stories that can set examples for everyone. We had one question during campaign preparation: is the influencer for the brand or the brand for the influencer? The answer was obvious to us. The car was only a tool to help already successful people to achieve their further goals.

Campaign elements

Press conference

As a first step of the campaign, we achieved publicity with a high-level press conference.
On the event, the 9 influencers were revealed and received their cars in a celebration.


We made a short introductory video about all participants.


The campaign was accompanied by a survey which we conducted with a microsite. The short videos mentioned above can also be found on this page.


12.000 votes
for candidates on the microsite.
Millions of users
were reached during the campaign.
We received many requests from famous persons that they would like to be Compassadors. Several Jeep Compasses were sold though the connection networks of influencers.
Széchenyi 2020