FCA Dealer Website program


In collaboration with the Italian Reply digital agency, we localized unified, sales-supporting websites for FCA dealers. The purpose of a Dealer Website program is to achieve that every brand dealer communicates on a consequent webpage with unified visual identity.

At the beginning of the project we took part on a month-long training program in Milan, in the Reply centre. As local project managers we coordinated the development, we maintained contact with the FCA centre, the brand dealers, the graphic designer and the content manager. Webpages localized with our assistance have a central database as a source, capable of displaying inventories, and are connected to the car configurator system. On a dedicated interface there is an option for handling central and unique promotions and to process incoming leads.

We cooperated and actively took part in content development, writing local texts and preparing graphic materials.
websites were finished that we made unique within the system, together with the dealerships.

During the localization of FCA Dealer websites, complicated websites were created that represent the brand’s message and provide full measurability.
Consultation and training were also our task during the process.

Széchenyi 2020