Online system development


We were asked to implement the second generation of the roofer loyalty program by market-leading roof tile manufacturer and successfully modernized it. Besides planning the program, our tasks included to ensure technical prequisites as well.

Tondach Roofer Reward Point Program

We transferred the previously paper-based loyalty program to an online platform and developed a real-time, cloud-based system connected to the central website.

Wienerberger - Tondach Partner Program

Professional roofers participating in the program can record their implementation projects in a simple way, for which they get points. The collected points can be redeemed to valuable gifts in a dedicated web shop. Professionals with outstanding performance can participate in a VIP program. There is a tile recommendation on the mobile-optimized website that provides useful technical information based on the roof tilt, that is assisted by the mobile device’s sensors.

In contrast to earlier loyalty programs, this program supports salespersons and distributors. The interface displays questions under the latest news, answering them is rewarded by further points. The system further supports the work of sales partners with an online document repository.

Partners can redeem the collected points to gifts on a web shop style interface.

Széchenyi 2020